She was born in Tehran. She witnessed the Iran – Iraq War through the eyes of a child of primary school age in Tehran. in the early 90s, she came to Turkey with her mother and sisters. After completing her secondary education and Bachelor’s degree in Sociology in Izmir, she began to travel the world. She has set foot on all the lands. She went on a long journey along the Silk Road. She completed his dissertation on Middle Eastern Religions abroad during his many years of travels. She specialized in thematic excursions. She signed sociological articles and publications, most of which were published in Iran. She Turkish-translated works from Persian, including dec examples from Iranian cinema.

Shahzadeh N. Igual learned Turkish, which is a foreign language for her, during her school years. She is the first and to date the only writer who has published literary works in the Turkish language. Igual’s first novel is described by critics as multi-layered, sometimes autobiographical, works that strongly combine the intimate stories of the Iranian people before and after the Islamic Revolution of Iran with historical facts. Igual’s novel “The Red Sirens of Tehran” was published in 2017, her second novel “They Scanned the Rolls Royce Baba” was published in 2018, and her third novel “Tears of Isfahan” was published in 2020.

“Iran’s past and present” with the concept of the original seminar, on Iran’s historical and contemporary sociology, ethnography, traditions, culture and history, heritage, literature and halls where listeners are invited to travel between Istanbul transfers to Iran on Igual, Mediterranean, Aegean, such as the Tigris and Pamukkale Universities, many rotary and Lions Clubs, the Writers Union of Turkey, Galatasaray Association, Istanbul tourist as non-governmental organizations, Setur, and The Colors of the World, such as reputable travel agents, French Cultural Center, Cultural Institutions such as the Mirror Academy and the Foundation for the Development of Communal Life are involved.

Igual accompanies elite groups on cultural tours of reputable travel agencies as an Iranian Sociologist and Writer, shares the most important values of his homeland with travelers, organizes seminars, literary interviews and special events for them.

Shahzadeh N. in the Turkish press Igual’s novels and cultural literary events are often featured.

Proud of designing and realizing the concept of ”Iranian Literary Tour“ for the first time, Igual also implemented the concept of ”Iranian Literary and Art Meetings” and introduced important authors such as Ayşe Kulin, Nedim Gursel and Tuna Kiremitçi to Iranian literature and culture on their trips to Iran. These literary journeys have found important repercussions both in Turkey and in the Iranian media and art environment. In Iran, Igual’s friend, the historian Prof. Dr. Ilber Ortaylı who led the distinguished journeys, participated in as a seminarian.

In 2018, the premiere of the one-man musical poetry show “One Thousand and One Nights in One Night”, which she wrote and also produced, was held on the Dada Salon stage at the invitation of Okan Bayülgen. Turkish Persian guitarist Akin Eldes also took part in the stage of the Blues Band band from Iran to accompany her, while Shahzadeh Igual performed pieces from poems and epics selected delicately from ancient and contemporary Persian literature in Persian and Turkish on stage. In addition, she will perform her “One Thousand and One Nights” show at Zorlu Performing Arts Center on January 12, 2022.

In Iran, 3 episodes documentary about Shahzadeh N. Igual was released.

For her outstanding efforts and success in promoting Iran to the neighboring country of Turkey, Igual was honored with an order by the Islamic Republic of Iran and was also awarded an award by the Association of Iranian Industrialists and Businessmen ISIAD. The mention of Shahzadeh Igual as an Ambassador of Culture and Literature in Turkey and Iran gives the author a well-deserved honor.

Shahzadeh N. Igual is a member of the Turkish Writers’ Union, lives in Istanbul and Madrid, works on her new novels, theater plays and brand new projects.

Igual gives lessons about Zoroastrianism and Iranian literature in Arts Club Istanbul.